Don't Worry About New York City Reopening Now That The MTA Has Placed Social Distancing Markers In Subway Stations

Congratulations everyone, we made it! Coronavirus had us in the first half, I'm not gonna lie. But as always, New York City put on a brave face, picked itself up by its bootstraps, overcame a goddamn pandemic, then answered the bell in the final round and stuck a wooden stake in its chest with these social distancing markers. Will there be roughly 100 humans for every marker come the very first rush hour once the city is reopened? Of course! Will New Yorkers that have never given a fuck about anything ignore these markers on their way to/from their jobs that somehow got more soul sucking just like the people at your local grocery store who are happy to be out of the house? You betcha! But at least you know how far 6 feet apart is on what will no doubt be an overcrowded platform before squeezing dick-to-ass in a metal tube full of humanity on your way to work.