These Are The Best Donuts Of All Time

I'm a big donut guy. Some people call donuts "desserts" rather than "breakfast". I call those people "insane" and "no fun". 

There's nothing like a Saturday morning picking up a dozen of your favorite delicious treats from a local donut shop, but even those don't compare to ones that you can already have waiting for you at home. 

And those are Entenmann's mini chocolate donuts. 

Once you start you just can't stop. They're addicting. The outside chocolate shell mixed with the yellowish cake on the inside is the perfect combo and the mini version makes them so easy to eat you'll have at least four before noticing that you should probably cut yourself off. 

There wasn't a weekend that went by growing up when I would have people over to stay the night and we wouldn't wake up to a few boxes of these delicious Entenmann donuts. Krispy Kreme was great, but it haunted you if you ever got a bad batch. One that wasn't fresh enough. One that was a little too dry and not hot out of the fryer (?). 

There are no bad batches with Entenmann's mini donuts.