NBA Players Are Basically Allowed To Get High As Hell In Orlando

All of the sudden being trapped in Disney World doesn't sound so bad eh? I could understand how some players might have had their reservations being away from home and their families for so long, especially if you play for a team that is poised to make a deep playoff run. But now? Now that the players know they can smoke as much weed as they want for the duration of their stay? I have a feeling that changes things for some guys. Who wouldn't love a multiple month stay at resort where you can get high as hell, order whatever you want off room service, and then all you have to do for work is play basketball. Tell me that isn't living the dream.

At first I thought the main concern we had as fans was that our favorite players on our favorite teams would come back out of shape after such a long break. But now I think it's fair to be concerned about who is going to be able to handle their munchies in a responsible manner. For example, I am less worried about my Celts and their ability to be effective with this rule change because that's a roster that has experience balancing the two. Romeo came out of the womb high as hell. But am I to believe that Embiid is gonna take a few hits of that blunt and order fruit off the room service menu? No chance. The challenge is now going to be who can not only get in shape but also stay in shape despite being able to smoke themselves silly. Hey people said they wanted this playoffs to try new things, well allowed the players to smoke as much as they want with no repercussion is certainly a new twist.

This also gives us the potential for a playoff story even better than MJ's pizza lie. I can already see the stories of someone getting an ounce of shwag and it making them so sick they can't play or ultimately play like shit. I'm sure it will be another case of "food poisoning" and then in 20 years we'll learn the real story. That's something I can't wait for. 

We've heard of victory cigars, but now we are throwing victory blunts into the equation. Given that nobody can stay off social media in 2020 it's only a matter of time before something gets out after a big playoff win. I have to hand it to Adam Silver man, not only did he find a way to bring us basketball again, he's willing to do whatever he can to make player's lives more enjoyable while they are stuck in the bubble. I have to imagine that if there was one place on earth that would be fun to be in while living in the clouds, Disney World has to be high on the list. I'm even thinking you could start to send some Disney characters to certain players rooms in an effort to fuck with them. There are just so many possibilities with this announcement it makes me even more antsy for July 31st.