What Would Detroit Lion Center Frank Ragnow Cut Off For A Superbowl Ring?

I don't know about you, but the most important thing to me in an athlete is dedication. Dedication to the craft, dedication to greatness, and most importantly, dedication to his franchise. Who cares whether the organization he plays for can cut him at any moment, or ship him off to Siberia aka Jacksonville (Sorry Chaps)? I want to know that he will do ANYTHING to bring a Superbowl to my franchise no matter how drastic, painful or completely irrelevant to the goal. 

This is the reason I love Mike Vrabel. If there's one man I know that would do absolutely ANYTHING to get the Titans a Superbowl, it's him. As we know, Vrabel not only said he would cut off his dick for a Superbowl, he said he promised to cut off his dick if the Titans ever won one. BIG DISTINCTION. One is hypothetical, and the other is an unbreakable promise -- a Brandon Walker-esque Brianne of Tarth style oath if you will. A man that was willing to lose his manhood for the game. 

Take that Carrabis (won't even snort a cricket SMDH). 

But now that Vrabel has shown his willingness to go under the knife, which is one of the reasons Taylor and Will got put on the national map as he said it on Bussin' With the Boys, it has become a very fair and common question for all of those that "step on the bus," whether that be on zoom or in person. 

The most recent man to be asked this question by Taylor and Will was Detroit Lions' center Frank Ragnow. Things are getting VERY desperate in Detroit and Frank, being the competitor that he is, became the latest in a line of savages winners that have pledged an essential body part in order to turn the franchise around.

And not to give away the entire exchange, but let's just say Big Cat would be VERY understanding of the body part Frank was willing to sacrifice for a title. 

Frank offered a lot of insight into his career at Arkansas and in the NFL and it's well worth a listen. If you want to know why Taylor and Will are forcing players to pledge their body parts for the game, check out the latest Bussin pod below: