Welcome To TikTok Mr. & Mrs. Mullen!

Back in mid-May, just two weeks before he was labeled a racist, Dabo made his debut on TikTok. It had cringe written all over it, but at least it was kind of funny? In a "we are laughing at you not with you" kind of way. 

The SEC is now on TikTok with Dabo thanks to Dan "user7449100826183" Mullen joining. 

His 1st TikTok was with his wife:

Mrs. Mullen, of course, is known for her...should we say "loving acts"....towards Florida players. 

She even leaves notes before the games:

I'm not complaining about any TikToks with Mrs. Mullen, so if Dan wants to continue them? Go ahead. Be my guest. I'll throw a like. Maybe part of the recruiting pitch will be to make a TikTok with Mrs. Mullen? Who knows. Got to get creative with recruiting these days! You can't just wake up and get a top 10 class anymore!