Larsa Pippen Is Spreading Happiness And Positive Vibes

Look I don't know shit about Scottie Pippen's love life. In fact, in my dumb and very limited brain, I choose to think that Larsa was never actually married to Scottie, but was with the beer vendor that looks exactly like Scottie that works at Sox Park and Wrigley and The UC and Soldier Field (?) instead. It's just more funny that way, at least to me. 

And the true OG's know EXACTLY who I'm talking about too. 

Absolutely fucking hilarious. I don't give a shit what anyone says, to imagine some random Chicago beer vendor that looks like one of the most famous Chicago athletes ever making love to Larsa Pippen is hysterical to me. Just pulling the ol' switcheroo like you read about 

Oh and she's wishing us all positive vibes or some shit too. Whatever you say, Larsa. Right back at you 

PS if anyone has a direct line to the Scottie Pippen beer vendor look alike please let me know. I really want Eddie to interview him on The Dog Walk. Need a deep dive into that guy's brain. Just slinging beer and looking like Scottie, such a lethal combo