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Bathrooms At Wrigley Broke Last Night Leaving People To Piss In Cups And Wait In Hour Long Lines

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And here we go, the Wrigley construction horror stories begin. Like I said a few weeks ago we knew this wasn’t going to be smooth. You don’t combine the words Construction and Chicago Cubs and expect everything to go swimmingly. In fact, combining those two things is borderline reckless and irresponsible but ultimately necessary. It sucks that people missed the game and that they had to piss in cups but what’s the alternative? Play in Milwaukee? Play at the Cell? No thanks. Just gotta suck it up, deal with the shittiness for a few more months. What’s the worse that can happen? The world laughs at the Cubs for being a joke? Oh so like every single year ever? We’ll all be fine, just wear a catheter.





I will say that seeing this sign when you’re about to piss your pants is so mean.


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