A $1 Million Treasure In The Rocky Mountains Was Found After Some Old Guy Buried It A Decade Ago And Left Clues In A Poem He Wrote

[Source] - A New Mexico treasure hunter revealed that his chest of gold, jewels and other valuables worth over $1 million has been found.

Ten years ago, Forrest Fenn gained a cult following when he announced that he had hidden the chest somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. He inspired tens of thousands to set out in search of his treasure, but the prize eluded everyone — until now.

enn originally designed the treasure hunt as a means of leaving behind a legacy: In 1989, he was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer, but he managed to recover. He claimed that he hoped to tempt people to venture into the wild and give them an old-fashioned adventure for riches.

He hid the treasure in 2010 and shared clues to its whereabouts on his website and in a poem he published in his autobiography, “The Thrill of the Chase.” 

What a goddamn move. I love Forrest Fenn here. Oh you have plenty of money and you want to leave a legacy? Make a treasure hunt. I just picture him sitting around each day, waiting for that message. He probably didn't want anyone to find it. He wanted this to be a Without A Paddle, D.B. Cooper type thing. He just sat around laughing at people failing to find his treasure. Over 350,000 people tried to find it! 

How about being the guy to find it? You gotta feel like the biggest badass in the world at that time. Now it's worth mentioning 5 people died searching for this, which is fucked up. Also all this search for a $1 million treasure? Seems like that's too much work for that sort of money. Don't get me wrong $1 million sounds awesome. But this day in age? That doesn't get it moving like it used to. Add a 0 there and make it $10 million if you want me out there in the Rocky Mountains searching around for some lost treasure. 

That said anyone who didn't handle this like Without a Paddle did it wrong

I don't even care that the guy found it by himself. If you don't treasure hunt with your best friends then you don't have friends. That's every kids dream. You have to call your friends from when you were like 7 and you go find that fucking treasure. You listen to Bubba Sparxxx and you find a couple of women living in a treehouse. That's just how life works when you treasure hunt. 

Feel like the big time miss here was not having a camera set up somewhere. I need to see the real reaction of both the guy finding the treasure and the old dude who hid the treasure. Just feels suspicious for this to happen with Outer Banks dropping. People are itching to hunt treasures and he just happens to find it now? In the middle of a pandemic? There's something fishy going on with this. 

There's gotta be some sort of awesome feeling knowing you hid a treasure and people by hundreds of thousands are trying to find it. Only you know where it is. You can leave clues in a poem and people just run around chasing it. I want that sort of power. Granted, I'd be a shitty treasure hider. I'm too lazy. I'd put that shit like behind a tree. One of those make it so obvious that nobody looks there. I'd also 100% hire PFT to write the clues. Imagine trying to find a treasure with a bunch of grammatical errors? 

Also Without A Paddle is such an underrated comedy. Might just go ahead and watch that tonight now.