I Accidentally Pledged $44,600 To The NAACP Because I Suck At Mental Math- Here's How I'm Going To Pay It

I am not a smart man when it comes to math. I believe Pardon My Take has cumulitively taken Alegbra and Algebra 2 a total of 12 times at least. So when I decided to match a $100 donation to the NAACP for each Buns Of Anarchy member who showed up for a old ride on Saturday morning I thought id be on the hook for 4,000 MAXIMUM. Nothing to sneeze at but not exactly a m Roger Goodell mancave amount of money on account of my net worth is somewhere in the 117 million dollar less then Dave Portnoy area. I wanted to do something real after posting a black square on ig so I figured a hundered virgils could be a good start.

Well turns out 100 x 446 dosen't equal 4,460 but rather $44,600. 

This is a real life Scots Tots moment for me but to quote Dr Seuss “I meant what I said and I said what I meant, to remember the name the reason’s 100%“

Sometimes in life when you commit to something wild you figure out a way to make it work. We basicaly got to the moon because JFK we were gonna do it. Fyrefest was a smashing success of a documentary because Billy MacFarland said lets just do it and be legends. So after spending much of the weekend panicking we decided to discuss as a podcast and make it work. Here’s how its breaking down:

-Booger McFarland, Buns Of Anarchy cofounder has pledged 10,000  thank you Boog  

-Spencer Hawes, Buns Of Anarchy record-holder has also pledged 10,000 to the NAACP. Thank you Spencer

-Hank pledged 100 dollars thank you Henry

-Big Cat is giving 1,000 dollars thank you Big Cat

-Billy Football is disassembling Vanny Woodhead and selling him for parts to listeners thank you Billy

-And I will personally give a minimum of 11,000 dollars plus the rest of whats left over, Erika has very generously agreed to split the amount leftover with me. She can attest that I called her in a panic on Friday night 

We’re donating this to the NAACP scholarship fund, which means that together we could send kids to college for free because of my utter incompetence at basic math. Life is wierd sometimes but this is a big time lemonade lemons situation and a opportunity to come together a little bit- for the people.

PS People have reached out and asked how they can give and its simple. You can either donate directly at the NAACP website or via my CashApp $pftcommenter. Take a screenshot if you donate it online and tweet or send it to us with hashtag naacpft so we can keep track and let you know how much you donated. 

All money raised from you guys will be above and beyond the $44,600 what was promised. That 44+ thousand isnt on you to help me get out of the mess i created, but I am #humbeled how many people have already donated.