Wake Up With Joe West Pancake Blocking Rajai Davis

I think Rajai Davis' face in the thumbnail says it all. Now Joe isn't the slimmest of characters, Baseball Reference has him listed at 275, he a thicc boy. Now imagine Rajai Davis' thought process as he slides into home plates, gets tagged out, and barely rolls into Joe West's tree trunks. I've never seen a man fall so slow, it really was a slow motion tumble. He like gets down on one knee first and then kind of just uses Rajai for support. Joe then takes his sweet time while Rajai is just waiting to get back to the dugout. Hell, you had Hector Neris sprint in to try and help West up, probably just to keep the game going. Talk about a pace of play problem, HA! Announcers had to wait until Joe had his balance to see what the call was is a hilarious moment in this clip too. Prob wouldn't have been the worst idea to give Rajai the day off after this because the body just isn't used to taking that much weight on it. Just glad no one was hurt in this collision.