This Grandpa Don't Give a Fuck Bout Nothin!


Holy mackerel! Sometimes IG captions lie. Sometimes they exaggerate. This was none of that. This was grandpa being absolutely out of fucks left in his life's fuck tank and going full daggum send on their asses. 



I mean he was floatingggg through that air. What a fucking drop. 


Dude got 2 Bud heavies in him and decided he missed Grandma (RIP) and would take his chances going out a legend. I love the gasps of everyone watching too. They knew what was about to happen but they were still stunned beyond belief to see it. And special recognition to t the one "Pop, no!" before he let go. Almost convinced him, sonny. 

And the best part is now he's going to call everyone a pussy who doesn't jump out of the tree. Fucking millennials, scared of a measly 50 foot drop, shakin' my damn head.