Dabo Wore A "Football Matters" Shirt Yesterday, Some Are Not Happy With That Decision

Yesterday around 4:00 PM, a random Twitter user posted a photo of him and his family with Dabo Swinney at a pool. Usually, that wouldn't become a story in the CFB world. However, Dabo Swinney was wearing a shirt that said "Football Matters."

This comes after an eventful week for Dabo:

Is this an "all lives matter" type statement from Dabo? No, he just put on a shirt that he often wears according to Trevor Lawrence:

The lack of awareness from Dabo is the issue here. You're under the microscope at all times as one of the top CFB coaches in the country. In a week that centered around a movement entitled "Black Lives Matter" wearing a shirt that says "Football Matters" is a bonehead move. It doesn't matter if you wear it all the time. Retire that shirt for the rest of the month, Dabo. If you don't like being under the microscope of the media, go and live a recluse life in the mountains or something. Until then, stop doing stupid shit. It doesn't matter "how good of a person" you are. Stop doing stupid shit. Because it takes away from the ultimate goal of your program: to win.