Our New Guy Bailey Carlin Shouldn't Be Allowed To Talk About Or See A Movie Ever Again After This Horrendous Take

Our new social media guy/works on Erika's podcast/blogger Bailey Carlin dropped this last night and I'm still livid. Now I do like Bailey, been friendly with him for a few years now. But what a moron. You can't sit here and tell me Coach Carter is the best basketball movie ever. It just isn't. It isn't even the best basketball movie that takes place in the state of California! 

I'm not going to sit here and tell you I'm a movie guy, I'm not. I am a basketball movie guy. My basement has the posters framed from He Got Game, Sunset Park and Blue Chips. I've seen Hoosiers countless times. It's really the only genre of movies besides slapdick comedies I'll go out of my way to watch. But Coach Carter?!? A fine movie, a good movie even. 

But you're trying to tell me that a movie where Channing Tatum sucks at basketball is the best movie of all time? Fuck outta here. 

Again, it's a good movie but not close to the best hoops movie out there. Yes, it has the true story factor. Yes, there is a great message within the movie and you get to see how Coach Carter (eventual Slamball coach) changed lives. But if I'm sitting down to watch a hoops movie, it's not in my top-5. 

5. Sunset Park

4. Hoosiers

3. He Got Game

2. Blue Chips

1. White Men Can't Jump

Coach Carter right on the outside with The Air Up There, Love and Basketball and Glory Road. Shit, if you want to focus on a true story about overcoming obstacles, Glory Road is better than Coach Carter. And yes no Space Jam. It doesn't nearly hold up as well as you get older like others. But then there's the Hoosiers take

Has this guy ever watched a movie? Hoosiers is great. I don't know when it became cool to start hating this movie. Does it make zero sense why the other team shoots a jumper when there's not a shot clock in the championship game? Yep. But if you don't get goosebumps when Jimmy says 'I'll make it' you've never played competitive sports in your life. Granted, Hoosiers does have one of the worst characters ever in Myra Fleener. 

Stick to memes, Bailey.