Lincoln Nebraska Police And Black Community Leaders Announce An Accountability Initiative With...The Cupid Shuffle

Who knew the Cupid Shuffle had such universal appeal, such power. Before the protests, I had only ever seen the Cupid Shuffle at weddings. The line dance crowd at weddings is a very particular bunch. The dance floor kind of clears out when the Cupid Shuffle comes on. You're left with two types of people on the floor. One...the people who just refuse to leave the dance floor(hand up, that's me) and the people who SPRINT back from their table or the bar to do it...people like this guy

This guy could and would teach a class on the Cupid Shuffle. He's got the steps down. He's to the point where he's adding in the shoulder shimmies When that song comes on he knows it's his time to shine. Doesn't matter if it's 9pm at a wedding or after police and Black Community Leaders reach an agreement. He's down to shake that ass. 

The Cupid Shuffle has really become the official dance of the protests. It's sweeping the nation


These Protests are a very serious and important cause. There were as many as 20,000 people in Union Park in Chicago yesterday. I can't remember a time where protests went on this long. It's impressive. It feels different. It feels like maybe a general consciousness about this issue will be rising in America. That is a great thing. Dancing is good for morale. The more you dance, the better you can march.