Weekend Wake Up: The Best Of Red Foreman

Red Foreman belongs on the Mount Rushmore of TV Fathers, and you can't really argue that. He was a tough SOB who had 0 problem threatening to insert his foot into someones ass. Now he never really did it, but man did he make a ton of promises to do so. Not only did he have to deal with his knucklehead son, Eric. He had to deal with all his pot smoking hippie friends too. I was sure that one day he and Kelso would go at it, but we never got to see it. He did show a soft side letting Hyde move in, and he never really did get mad at the kids for making the weed brownies and accidentally eating them. He also had to deal with Kitty's laugh, but that's a topic for another day. Red was a real mans man, guy loved his bacon, hard work, America, and hated hippies. Cant really argue with that. Red Foreman was an absolute legend of the TV game, but man did he hate his neighbor, Bob. 

PS. This may be the best scene from the entire show.