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Daniel Cormier Is Absolutely Dominating The Telestrator Analysis Game At UFC 250

They gave Daniel Cormier access to a telestrator at UFC 250 tonight, and it's already paying off MASSIVELY on the prelims! Dude is ON ONE right now in the funniest way possible.

DC started by absolutely spamming the number buttons on this Coconut Bombz combination...

...and then he got so fired up with his breakdown of Amanda Nunes' knockout of Cris Cyborg that he started screaming like a lunatic about how it was something straight out of a horror movie and started drawing doors that Cyborg "couldn't get into", cracking Joe Rogan up....

Maybe it's a bit silly, and maybe it's not worthy of a full blog, but hey - it made me laugh and maybe it'll get you too. What does Chaps say? Bonus blog? Consider this a bonus blog.

Oh, and speaking about Cyborg, she DM'd me: "Shakao" outta nowhere before. 

I dunno what that means but some have told me it just means: "Of course" - which is a little terrifying. 

Who knows. Pretty sure she doesn't like me because I'm friends with Dana. Get in line.

Anyway, I just wanna say god bless this Joe Rogan/Jon Anik/Daniel Cormier commentary team for bringing some levity to the fights whenever they're together! Absolute GOATs!