Would You Go To Dinner With A Guy Who Just Choked You Out?

Herbert Burns just kicked off the UFC 250 early prelims in tremendous fashion, nearly IMMEDIATELY submitting Evan Dunham with a silky smooth rear-naked choke, and hammering home the fact that neither Burns brother is fucking around during quarantine. 

Technically, since Gilbert Burns won in the main event last week, the Burns Bros just won back-to-back fights in the UFC, right?! That's gotta be the first time that's ever happened in the UFC! Such a cool weird thing, but I digress. That ain't really what this blog is about. Nah.

It's more about this tweet, from Ali Abdelaziz, the manager of both Herbert Burns and Evan Dunham....

Uhh, what?! Get outta here! These guys are goin to DINNER together right now?!

I know mixed martial arts is all about respect at the end of the day, and these guys may be best buds for all I know, but NO FRIGGIN WAY I could go outa to dinner with a guy who just choked me out. I'll tell ya what - if I were the winner in this hypothetical, I don't think I'd go to dinner with a guy that I choked out, either! Fuck that awkwardness! One dude is gonna be all bummed for the rest of the night, and the other is gonna feel too sorry and guilty to celebrate/feel good? 

Let me repeat - GET! OUTTA! HERE! 

I couldn't do it. Could you? Let me know in the comments below.