A Former Liverpool Player Pissed Off A Teammate By Showing Up To His House At 2am With 10 Women On A Practice Day

We're talking about practice, man. We ain't talking about a game. We talking about practice. It's sort of fitting that on the anniversary of AI's step over of Ty Lue that this story is making rounds on the internet. Apparently El-Hadji Diouf's teammate didn't find him to be a good friend: 

Estimating Diouf had bout 10 women with him, he said: "When an older pro like that approaches you, you feel obliged.

"I was still a young lad and I was just disappointed thinking he took my friendship and used it. I felt at the time, when I went into the dressing room, you can't just use me like that, I'm your friend.

"If he needed a place to stay and all that, fine, but I'm not hosting parties for all different people who were flying into the country every weekend!"

I'm sorry, took advantage of your friendship? He showed up with 10 women! Now sure it's 2am and you had practice, but are you really that worried about it? You can have one bad practice. Maybe he was just going to have a 10 women orgy to himself and sure that could be a problem. You can't be the person's orgy house. But if you're a single dude that feels like a pretty nice 'hey I may have fucked up by coming here at 2am' door to open. 

I want to know how the conversation in the locker room went. I'm assuming Diouf just laughed. That has to be the only appropriate response to someone saying you took advantage of their friendship as a pro athlete. Now, I'm working under the assumption that Ostemobor was single here. If he was married and you showed up at 2am with or without 10 women, yeah, you're in a world of trouble.