What The Hell Is Going On In San Francisco?

I am going through my Saturday morning routine of scrolling Twitter while laying in bed (a task that has become less and less enjoyable by the day) and a tweet from a San Francisco news outlet pops up. 

Now, usually I would just embed the entire tweet in here, but I think it is important to break this down into three different steps.

Oh hell yeah! Flattening the curve, baby. No COVID-19 deaths? Huge. What an incredible step in a huge American city. Let's keep reading.

Well that is disgusting and horrific. Not worth joking about in the slightest. Let's just hope this is a bad news sandwich with good news bread and we can move on and forget this, right?

Well talk about burying the goddamn lede. This is not a game of which is worse, we are not doing that here. The one two punch of beloved local bartender being an absolute sicko to cannibalistic familial murderer is one that really just knocked the wind out of my sails before the day even started. 

If you want some more good news, click the link for more information on a 38-year-old ice cream shop closing!

Get it together, San Francisco.