Kevin Durant Is Officially Not Coming Back And Kyrie Irving's Return Isn't Looking Too Great Either

And just like that our #source off is over. In what was a short lived battle over the potential return of Kevin Durant, it's hard to get any more official than the man himself telling us all he'll see us next season. For a little more context, these were his full answers

Q: Do you plan to play for the Nets in Orlando or is your season over?

A: My season is over. I don’t plan on playing at all. We decided last summer when it first happened that I was just going to wait until the following season. I had no plans of playing at all this season.

Q: Do you have any urges to play? Is waiting best for your process?

A: It’s just best for me to wait. I don’t think I’m ready to play that type of intensity right now in the next month. It gives me more time to get ready for next season and the rest of my career.

What this means is when it comes to Brooklyn news it's time to take Anthony Puccio seriously. Nets Twitter informed me today he also had the Kyrie/KD news super early as well so yeah I'd say his sources are pretty good 

But it gets worse. From the sounds of it, Woj is saying that Kyrie is going to be out as well

I'm not saying Kyrie doesn't want to play without Durant and deal with the pressures of being a #1 on a playoff team. Why would you think that? That's not something I would ever suggest, I'm offended you would even think that. That's why he went to BKN in the first place. Don't you remember? He's clearly still hurt, cut him some slack. 

What a rollercoaster of emotions for Nets fans though huh? One day both Durant and Kyrie are going to show up healthy just in time for the playoffs. What a dream scenario that would have been. Then you went to sleep and when you woke up not only was KD out, but Kyrie isn't coming back either. That's a kick to the dick for sure. The good news is Caris LeVert is going to play and he's legit good so maybe not all is lost. 

Personally I think this news stinks. I get why the Nets and Durant are going this route, I just wanted the playoffs to be filled with the best players. I miss watching Durant play basketball. But when you're talking about this type of injury to a franchise cornerstone player who already got re-injured by coming back too soon, you fuck with that.