Fuck It, Let's Get Real Weird - The NBA Might Pipe In Crowd Noise Using Sounds From 2K

I wanted to make fun of this when I first read about it, but you know what? I'm in. Why not? Shit is already as weird as it can get playing in Orlando with 22 teams, why not use 2K sounds to pipe in crowd noise? We've seen Bundesliga use crowd noise. We've seen cardboard cutouts. We've seen teams accidentally use sex dolls for cardboard cutouts. Why not give us 2K? Use 2K for everything, really: 

I've said it before but this is the time to do shit like this. That's why I'm mad they are doing the regular playoff format. Anything the NBA ever wanted to try out they should have done this year. Pool play? Go try that? Have a draft for playoff format? Sure, all in on that idea. Really just do whatever you want because what are people going to do? Complain about weirdness. It's 2020, shit has gone off the rails already. 

So yeah, go ahead and do this. Why not? I still think you should let a person from the team with the better seed control the noise inside the stadium. But let them add booing, music, whatever. Just make sure it's the stuff from 2K.