Now Jarrett Stidham is Conducting Workouts With Six Patriots Teammates. All Hail Our New King

After two-plus years spent trying to decipher cryptic, almost "National Treasure"-like social media posts from the GOATs of quaterbacking and tight ending to get a handle on their frames of mind, emotional states and plans for their future, it was great to read one from our new quarterback that seemed to indicate his future plans involve working hard to kick all the ass he can. 

Though it wasn't totally obvious because Jarrett Stidham's Instagram post was a reply to a post by Brock Holt and IG Stories are scientifically proven to be one of the least certain forms of communication ever devised by man. 

Well today we have proof Stidham was working it out with Julian Edelman. And it gets better.

Mike Reiss - On a recent day in Massachusetts, Stidham and a group of six teammates gathered at a private football field for their work, which focused intently on following social distancing guidelines. 

Stidham has been a catalyst for the throwing sessions, sources said, which reflects a show of leadership as the Patriots transition from 19 seasons with Brady as the starting quarterback. Stidham, a 2019 fourth-round draft pick from Auburn, also has been visible in the New England community, as he and wife Kennedy donated 1,000 meals to children and families at a local YMCA in May. 

Veteran quarterback Brian Hoyer has been present at the throwing sessions, along with wide receivers Julian Edelman, Damiere Byrd and Gunner Olszewski, among a few others who have been in town during the coronavirus pandemic.

And that is precisely what we need to hear right now. That the Patriots skill position guys are working on social distancing and distancing themselves from cornerbacks. That Tampa Bay isn't the only place where a quarterback is getting together to get familiar with his new weapons. That Stidham is taking charge and being the Alpha this organization needs him to be. That like Bill Murray in "Stripes" after Sgt. Hulka got blown up, he's conducting his own training and leading his troops. 

That's exactly the kind of go-getters you want working on your EM-50 project and on your pursuit of a seventh banner. All led by a young guy who wants to earn the respect of his teammates, one practice rep at a time. Just like his predecessor used to back in the days when no one could beat him to the gym in the morning or get him off the field after practice. 

For those of us who've been looking for some ray of hope to hold onto to get through the dark times that began with a goodbye message at 8:30 a.m. on the Worst St. Patrick's Day Ever, we're getting one. And it wears a No. 4. All Hail the King.