Great Scott! A Diehard "Back To The Future" Fan Made And Flew A Working Hoverboard!!!*

*Kinda, almost

NY Post- A “Back to the Future” super-fan has fulfilled a lifetime ambition after flying his very own “hoverboard.” Brit Sam Rogers, 24, recreated a classic cinematic moment alongside a DeLorean sports car to realize his childhood dream of becoming a real-life Marty McFly.

Breathtaking images show the technology nut flying through the air along a runway with the help of a £340,000 ($430,000) 3D-printed jet suit, which he designed. Complete with authentic Marty McFly jacket, cap and sneakers, Sam can be seen in the slick video soaring alongside one of the most iconic movie cars of all time. It is believed to be the closest anyone has come to flying a real-life working hoverboard, made famous by the 1989 blockbuster “Back to the Future Part II.”

Look, I get that gluing a board to your feet and flying with the help of a jet suit isn't exactly a hoverboard. But you know what sure as shit ISN'T a hoverboard? The boards that didn't hover at all that everyone wanted to start calling hoverboards for some ungodly reason.

I don't care how many hilarious videos of mamalukes you have falling down. THAT is not a hoverboard. At least my guy Sam Rogers dressed the part of futuristic Martin Seamus McFly, had the decency to fly next to an actual DeLorean, pumped in some drum-heavy 80s tunes, and strapped a half a million dollar 3D printed jetpack to his body. Even though the hoverboard in that video is strapped to Sam's feet, a 3D printed jetpack is more futuristic than anything Doc Brown built outside of a time machine. So while it may not have actually been a working hoverboard, this type of technology has me dreaming of a future with real hoverboards at some point in my lifetime (even though BTTF 2 took place 5 years ago) and also helped me forget we are currently living in the B-timeline of 1985 right now.