Holy Hell, Yes!! Ohio's Governor Is Letting Fans Attend PGA's Memorial Tournament Next Month

Oh fuck yeah Mike DeWine. This is what I'm talking about. Listen, I'd do anything just for normal life again when it comes to sports. I get that it's as low as possible on the list of things that matter in the world, but getting some fans back in attendance for a sporting event is just a step towards my normal life. I also never thought I'd blog about Mike DeWine so much, since, you know, he's a politician. But he was the first one to speak up and say no fans for the NCAA Tournament - the First Four in Dayton and 1st/2nd round in Cleveland. Now he's the first one to bring back fans after reviewing a plan put in place by The Memorial.

What I haven't seen though is if this will just be for The Memorial or both events at Muirfield with the John Deere (sorry Trent) essentially being moved there. 

The Memorial is July 16-19 and it'll be the first time since March 12 there will be a group of more than 100 people together in Ohio. I may even have to wander up to Columbus for this now. The Memorial, Jack's event, is an awesome setting and Muirfield is a great course. 

Goddamn I can't wait for sports again. We're getting close folks. We're getting close.