Adam Silver Decided To Have A Regular Playoff Format In Orlando Because He Wants Normalcy And Michael Jordan Wanted It That Way

Look at the NBA still catering to Michael Jordan! He's not even involved and he's deciding that we're just doing a regular ass playoff format? Come on. Give us something cool, one time when you can get weird and no one would complain. Give us the pool play setting, give us a true play-in tournament, give us something truly different here. And sure it makes sense to listen to Jordan since he's Michael fucking Jordan, but it's not like he's a great exec. Remember Kwame Brown? Remember some of his other draft picks? His free agent signings? Not exactly a ringing endorsement. 

Don't get me wrong I'm thrilled we get to watch sports again but I'm selfish. I want to see something different since we've been robbed of the last 3 months. I want to see something that will get me more jazzed up than just hearing hoops is back. 

I'd actually love to sit in on a meeting like this. I want to hear how Jordan talks to that moron Dolan. How do all these guys interact when they know who is actually good at running a team and who blows? I want to hear the ideas that some of these guys came up with before Jordan stressed the importance of a regular playoff format. Really I just need to hear Jordan berate Dolan.