VIDEO: This Old Lady Was NOT HAPPY About Kids Having Fun, Driving Their Toy Car 'Without License'


A woman was captured in a bizarre video berating a mother for allowing her young son to drive a toy car “without a license” in a California park.

It takes a big person to watch this video and not call this woman a "Karen", perhaps even a "boomer". So credit to me right off the bat for not using those terms to describe her. I'm bigger than that.

That being said, fuck this lady and her entire existence. I mean god for-fucking-bid these kids just get a chance to hit the park in their fly ass ride after being cooped up in the house for two straight months. These kids could've probably been doing anything even remotely fun and this lady would've chimed in. While this lady does seem like the antithesis (nailed the use of that word, nbd) of fun, I think we can just chalk this up as nonsensical rage caused via sitting at home for the past few months with minimal human interaction. 

I give her that benefit of the doubt on that one because no normal, free-thinking human would say the things she said without some sort of reason.

“These kids are driving all over the place!”

“They’re playing. That’s what the park is for,” the woman shooting the video responds.

This is really the only part of this old lady's rant I can somewhat understand. No one - and I mean NO ONE - wants to get run up on by a bunch of unsupervised kids. Especially those who are behind the wheel of a small vehicle that would do some serious damage to the shin/knee area should it hit you. 

So I can understand if this was the concern but it quickly turned into something else…

“I never saw a car in here before,” the older woman says.

“It’s a Power Wheels car, ma’am. It’s a toy,” the mother points out, referring to the popular Fisher-Price vehicle whose top speed is about 6 mph, depending on the model.

“What bothers me is you have a little kid in here and he doesn’t have a driver’s license. He’s just a little kid!” the woman continues in her strange tirade, prompting laughter from the mother.

This is the part in the video where this older woman became the absolute worst. It all of a sudden turns from an argument about supervision to an argument about driver licenses? For a Fisher-Price car? Is this woman a fucking cop or something? Last time I checked, you don't need a drivers license to drive a hunk of plastic you can buy for a couple of hundred bucks. I may be off with that one but I'm not sure

The weirdest part is that this lady was treating it as if these kids were doing donuts in the park with a full-sized motor vehicle. It almost makes you wonder if she thought it was a real car. If that's the case then we have a whole other situation on our hands. My guess is that since she had already caused a scene about it at the beginning (the supervision bit), she had no other choice but to double down. Once she realized that the whole thing wasn't a big deal at all and that she'd look ridiculous if she admitted defeat, she doubled down, asking for license and registration. 

I'm honestly a little shocked the real police weren't actually brought in by this Karen (damnit Ethan you said you wouldn't) to try and manage the situation. We just have to count our lucky stars that these kids didn't manage to bump into this lady. That would've been the equivalent of the setting off a goddamn nuclear bomb of semantics on that park. We're talking lawsuits, fights, police, the whole nine. All because a couple of kids wanted to drive their sweet ride.

PS - I always wanted one of the little motorized cars when I was little. Never happen though so now whenever I see some kid with the one I can't help but get a lil bit jealous.