You Have To Like The Phoenix Suns Chances Of Making The Playoffs After Seeing This Incredible Hype Video

Bravo! Bravo! Whoever was responsible for that work of art not only should get a raise, but should be invited to see this team play in Orlando. There are few things that hit better than a perfectly executed hype video, it's one of the best parts of the playoffs no matter the sport and this one right here by the Suns is fantastic. 

So much was made about this 22 team format as an effort to get Zion or Dame into the playoffs, but I think maybe we all need to rethink things now that the Suns found their way in. I don't think their hype video capabilities were factored into their chances of making it into that play-in option. I'll remind you that right before the break they beat POR 127-117 and MIL 140-131. Now fully healthy and rested, this is a team that over the course of the year had a better net rating than SA/POR/SAC. The Suns are the second best transition team in the league coming in at the 96.6th percentile. They have an elite go to scorer in Devin Booker. They have one of the best young big men in the league with a healthy Ayton. A veteran point guard with playoff experience in Rubio. The unstoppable Aron Baynes. Shooting with Saric and Bridges. There is a good amount of talent on this roster and that's true even without Kelly Oubre Jr. If they can figure out how to defend (which they were able to do with Ayton on the floor), that could change things. None of the teams above them can defend for shit.

You look at their proposed 8 game schedule and you're looking at a run of LAL/POR/SAC/DAL/MIL/IND/PHI/TOR. That's certainly not easy, but they'll certainly have their chance to catch the teams they are chasing out West. Maybe by the MIL game the Bucks sit people because their shit is already locked in. Same with TOR. Remember, at the start of the season the Suns looked like a team that might finally make that jump to the 8/9 seed and then Ayton got suspended and everything went to shit. Well now they were given a second chance and are coming out with the hottest hype video on the NBA streets at the moment. I feel like you have to factor that into their chances. 

Obviously if they do make the playoffs the Lakers are going to wax that ass, but that's not the point. The point is anything is possible in this weird environment and people need to talk more about PHX and not just POR/NO/MEM for that final spot. If I worked for any of those teams I would immediately start putting together your own hype video and pray it comes out better than the Suns because right now they are the leader in the clubhouse by a mile.