Okay These Home Workouts Have Officially Gone On For Too Long

States are starting to slowly open up all around the nation. I'm pretty sure that people in Georgia have been able to get back in the gym at least a week or so ago. So it seems like we're just about to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. But still. We need to open gyms back up all across the country right now because this shit has gone on for long enough. 

I mean what is this shit? You want to know how we'd never have to see something like this ever again? If you just let everyone back into their squat racks so they can workout like normal human beings. The longer this goes on, the more these workouts start to bleed into our post-quarantine life. You're going to get all these jackasses flocking back to the gym doing a bunch of nonsense and taking up a ton of space because they started fucking around like this when they had to workout at home. It's hard enough already trying to maneuver around the guys who are super-setting like 5 different workouts at once and seemingly have "just a few more sets" on every single machine in the gym. But when we'll have to deal with these SpiderMan squats? No way. Too much. I won't stand for it. 

I just want to get in there, do enough of a workout so I can crush a zillion beers on the weekend without having to worry about breaking the scale on Monday, and get out. We need to get America back in an actual squat rack immediately so that things like this don't become the new norm.