Happy Anniversary Of Paul Pierce's Wheelchair AKA Pooped His Pants Game

I remember this day like it was yesterday. The second I saw Paul Pierce hit the floor my heart sank. In the first Finals I'd ever witnessed in my life we were really going to lose our best player in Game 1? Against the Lakers?!?!? A player that had been through so much for this team and this city and was finally getting his chance at that elusive title. I was sick to my goddamn stomach, depressed, you name it. Seeing him get carried off like that and then in the wheelchair, I mean how could you think things were going to be OK? 

But when he came back out and the crowd erupted I had never been so relieved in my life. To then see him make those two threes, that's when we knew it as destiny for this team to win the whole thing. Many call it the gutsiest performance in NBA Finals history. For years people speculated about that wheelchair moment, the internet was throwing rumors left and right about what really happened. It was the hottest basketball rumor on the internet streets with deep dives and video breakdowns. The whole nine.

It would be another 10 years though before we finally got the truth from The Truth himself, but Pierce finally came clean about pooping his pants

That makes me love the whole thing even more. Having to fake his limp once he got back, all because he had a little poop in his pants. He sold it pretty damn well when Tony Allen and company had to carry him off the floor. I loved TA's reaction when he was asked about the whole thing

Long live June 5th, 2008. One of the most iconic moments in Celtics history by one of the franchises best players and one of the best acting jobs Hollywood has ever seen. 

Poopy Pants Pierce did it all that series. Pooped his pants, took down Kobe, and won MVP. What a legend