Underwater Ghost Village Set To Emerge From The Depths Of Hell Because 2020 Is A Never-ending Vortex Of Unimaginable Horror

Let me begin by saying what we're all thinking: if we're not getting Atlantis, you can keep your underwater ghost village. I've simply no time, give these uncertain times, to be fully investing in reemerging villages lost to the seas if Atlantis isn't the topic of discussion. Fabbriche di Careggine was probably a lovely town, I have no doubts. It was so lovely a neighboring town decided they were going to build a dam creating a man made lake right on its head and they just let it happen. But I think we can all agree that Fabbriche di Careggine is simply no match for the fanfare that Atlantis would bring along with its revival. That's at no fault to this sleepy Italian town, but if we're on the subject of ghost villages frozen in time, lost to the ice cold, alien waters of yesteryear, Atlantis has to be the topic of conversation. We just do not have enough energy nor time to focus on the ghosts of 13th century Italian blacksmiths with everything else plaguing our world today. I could, however, bump Atlantis up to the two spot if they wanted to toss their hat back into the ring. That would be, in my estimation, at least as big as the NBA coming back. Possibly larger, it's impossible to tell until it happens. Maybe if those cowards are done fooling around in Neptune's playground they can rejoin the rest of us up here and we'll know once and for all what they're really made of.