Is This Cyclist Dweeb, Who Ripped Signs Commemorating George Floyd's Death Out Of A Young Girl's Hands, The Biggest Douchebag....Ever?

Being that I work in social media, I watch each viral video with a bit of a keen eye. I know we want to think nobody would take advantage of a situation like George Floyd's death for the chance at a viral video, but unfortunately, I'd bet it has happened (I've seen TikToks). For this one? It doesn't appear to be fake. Plus, Police are looking to find this cyclist:

I'm also willing to believe this whole thing thanks to how this guy is dressed. I see these cyclist douche bags all the time on Saturday and Sunday mornings at Starbucks after they've finished up their weekend rides dressed like they are training for the Tour de France. They walk like they've got a stick up their ass and show off their gross thigh veins thanks to their short spandex. If I wore a full Lakers jersey to the YMCA to play pickup basketball as an out of shape 23-year-old, I would be laughed at and bullied on social media. Why? Because I deserve it. For some reason, we give these dweebs a pass. 

I have no idea what the sign said that the girls were putting up. The chances it said anything to provoke this response are next to none. Even if he disagreed with it, the people who were putting it up looked like they were in middle school at best. You're a grown adult, ride away on your $10,000 bike, and bitch about it to your therapist or something. Also, you're on public property. It's not like you own that park. If you wanna bike in a park with no signs, go buy one. Until then save me your self-serving bullshit. 

P.s. I'm also not going to give a pass to the guy who is filming this. It sounds like it's a man behind the camera. I have no idea if the person filming is the girl's father, friend, or whatever. However, if it's a full-grown adult male and he continued to record while that jabroni of a cyclist put his hands on a 13-year-old girl? Grow some balls dude and put down the camera.