I've Never Hated Hockey More After Sergei Fedorov Saved Duke's Ass By Being The Reason Zion Doesn't Have To Go Under Oath

I'm honestly laughing at this. Coach K has been saved in so many weird ways. I always go back and think how a jeweler refusing to talk to the NCAA saved Duke from a 2010 investigation which probably leads to sanctions and/or vacated wins. I thought that was outrageous until yesterday. Until I saw that Zion was granted a stay and doesn't have to go under oath (as of now) because of Sergei Fedorov. This fucking guy! 

A fucking hockey player saving Coach K and Duke! I hear hockey people (mostly just Jordie and Chief) talking about how hockey players live right and are hockey tough. Well if Fedorov had any balls he'd speak up and say his ruling shouldn't matter. He should demand justice and an investigation into Coach K and Duke. 

The world and those who still actually believe Duke is a clean program needs to see them exposed. Yes, the NCAA rules are stupid as shit. Yes, players should be paid. But if you're going to scream about other coaches and programs being 'dirty' for 'cheating' you're doing the same. 

Granted this isn't the final ruling, but based on Daniel's tweets and talking to him - he's been all over this case - it sounds like Coach K and Duke are catching another bullshit break. Fucking hockey players. Sick league.