What Is The Cast Of YOUR Buddy Movie?

ICYMI, we reviewed 'The Other Guys' on today's episode of LCB 

As part of the discussion, we talked a little bit about duos. Twosomes. The number it takes to tango, as some might say. Following up on said discussion, I decided to throw together a buddy movie generator. As a note, your resulting movie doesn't have to be a  buddy cop, buddy comedy etc. Just a movie based around two people. I usually end up fucking myself over inadvertently when I make these by giving myself a terrible combo, but I'm rather pleased with my duo of Maya Rudolph and Jordan Peele. Maybe a workplace comedy? Rom Com? Or maybe Peele goes behind the camera as well and gives us another incredible horror movie? I think I'll meditate on this and make up a quick script for it in a follow up blog. I'm interested to see some of the results you guys get, so feel free to give me your combinations below. If you are the more creative type or are feeling inspired, feel free to give a short synopsis and I'll write a script for your project in the follow up blog. 

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