Trish Stratus Is Trending Worldwide On Twitter, Not Because She Is Racist Or Cancelled, But Because She Is Simply The GOAT

I'm not gonna lie - when I saw Trish Stratus trending worldwide on Twitter, I think I had the same first thought everybody did:

"Oh no. Not Trish. Don't tell me she said some dumb shit too. Don't cancel my first love."

If you click on the trend, though, you'll realize quickly that it's mostly just people calling Trish Stratus the GOAT and reminiscing on how hot she was/is because of this tweet....

....and obviously, it's also now a trend full of people being relived that she ain't a racist...

So here for it. Trish deserves every bit of praise she gets. Put it all out into the Stratusphere right now.

Shoutout Trish Stratus - the woman who made me realize that maybe girls DIDN'T have cooties. You are the GOAT.