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Plies (Who's Apparently Still A Thing) Got Suplexed Right Off His Own Stage Last Night




Really three lessons to take from this video.


1. Plies is alive.


2. If you’re past your “prime” (I believe Plies’ prime was two songs about ten years ago) stop doing concerts. You don’t have the protection you had when you were hot. When you’re putting on shows at the local PAL where fans can just walk on stage and suplex your ass it’s probably time to hang the mic up. Sad to see a once prestigious artist get bitched around like this.


3. Even if you have the access, don’t jump on stage and suplex a performer. The security may not stop you before hand, but they will fuck you up afterwards. “Sanka, ya dead mon?”


Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 1.46.29 PM





Although I love the aftermath interview with this kid. Straight shooter. “Listen Plies I still really respect you as an artist and like your music. But if I jump on stage and interrupt your performance don’t talk that fuckshit or I’ll have no choice but to drop you.” That’s real.



PPS – “Hypnotized” still bangs.