The Blazers Were The One Team That Voted Against The 22 Team Format Idea....Wait What?

Everything we heard leading up to today's vote suggested that it was pretty much in the bag, but now we have official approval on the league's 22 team restart in Orlando. I'm still curious to see how that whole 8 game scheduling idea is ironed out because as we looked into yesterday there are still some questions in terms of who certain teams would play. I imagine that Woj bomb is coming any minute.

So who was that one team that didn't vote yes?


What the hell? This format is what gave them an opportunity to make the playoffs in the first place! Why would they vote no? That doesn't exactly make sense. The Blazers have everything they should want. A good sample of 8 games in order to prove they could catch Memphis. Are they afraid about a potential play in? Well don't be so bad on defense and on the road all season long! I would have bet the house that it would have been Dolan or something. Not a team that directly benefits from this idea. So am I to believe they really didn't want to compete for that spot this whole time? I would LOVE to see what Dame has to say about this. Didn't he say all he cared about was an opportunity to come back and earn a playoff spot? Well they have that, but that's still not enough apparently.

I could see someone like Memphis maybe voting against this considering they were in 8th, but anyone whose team is on the bubble should have been over the moon that the league came up with an idea to give them a fair shake. Something tells me if POR makes it in and goes on a deep run, their ownership won't be against this format. 

If this gives us a motivated Dame though I'm all for it. Not just to prove the haters wrong that felt maybe they shouldn't even have been given the chance, but apparently his own ownership that wanted to take that opportunity away. Give me an angry and motivate Damian Lillard, that dude is a beast