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'The World's Hottest Soccer Agent' Officially Bought A Soccer Team Just One Week After She Started Talking About The Idea

What a move. I love it. This is Anamaria Prodan - which, Anamaria is just a hot ass name. She was a Playboy model (12 years ago, no I don't have the pictures) before she turned into a soccer agent. Not just a soccer agent, but she was called the world's hottest soccer agent. Pretty bold claim, but who am I to argue with a claim like that? 

You may remember her because I blogged about her a week ago.She threw out this idea that she was interested in buying a soccer team. Makes sense I mean she married a soccer player, she's a soccer agent, she knows the ins and outs. But this soccer team, well, think Bad News Bears in a way.

Hermannstadt were only founded in 2015, but after three consecutive promotions, they joined the top-flight in 2018, where they finished their first season in 10th spot.  According to RT, Prodan - who has been married to former Romania international Laurentiu Reghecampf since 2008 - will now pay off the club's debts of £630,000.

I love it. Buy a team that is in debt right away but keeps winning. Become the world's hottest soccer owner like Major League. And here, I know you want to see pictures. 

She also has a daughter who is a redshirt freshman at Ole Miss and she gave us the most electric mixtape I can remember. Puts Seventh Woods, John Wall, Aquille Carr, fill in the blank to shame: 

Romanian soccer just dominating headlines.