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Gronk Will Be Playing A Police Officer In A New "Movie" Called "You Can't Have It"

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 4.27.54 PM


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(TMZ)Rob Gronkowski grabbed his badge and his gun to play a cop for the new flick, “You Can’t Have It” — which stars Joanna Krupa and Armand Assante.




Sooooooo… this is a porn, right? I mean c’mon. I’ve seen this “You Can’t Have It” film before. I see something like it every night. Meatheads, bad suits, tiny blondes, handcuffs, angry Italians… that’s the plot of every porn in the world. Look at that last fucking pic. You’re gonna tell me that Gronk isn’t about to fuck Joanna Krupa right there? Get out of town. Of course he is. What a week for Gronk. Dance at Ultra, throw out the first pitch at an Angels game, go on Jim Rome’s show, have sex on camera. Doing it all. Probably gonna win an AVN for this thing too because right now Gronk can’t miss.




PS – I’m pretty sure Gronk just wanted to bang Krupa and produced this movie himself. Everyone in those pictures is his crew. That’s his brother Dan and you’ve got bus driver Goon putting a hurting on the angry Italian. You don’t get all your boys in a film unless it’s a self-produced porn. Savvy, savvy move by Gronk.