Kobe Once Got So Pissed At Charles Barkley He Spent All Night Cussing Him Out Via Text To The Point Barkley Started Laughing

I fucking love this from both parties involved. Guys like Chuck are in a bit of a weird (lack of a better word) spot when he's on Inside the NBA. He has to call guys out but he's still part of the brotherhood. So that's why you hear people get pissed at times. Naturally, this is Kobe. Of course he got pissed. Like Chuck said he was trying to prove a point.

This stems back from what I'm assuming is the game 7 vs the Suns when the Lakers were a 7 seed. Via Complex:

With the series heading to a win or go home Game 7, people started criticizing Bryant, calling him selfish and a ball hog. Kobe responded to the critics by practically refusing to shoot the ball. In fact, KB only took three shots in the entire second half. Three!

So sure, you absolutely have to have that discussion on Inside the NBA. You're talking about one of the all-time guys and an all-time scorer refusing to shoot in a game 7. At the same time Kobe was a lunatic and crazy competitive, we knew that. That's why he was probably fucking pissed because he felt is was a lose-lose here. He either doesn't listen to his coach or he gets criticized. 

Either way I could listen to Barkley tell stories all damn night. Him saying it was hilarious as he got 30 texts from Kobe cussing him out. I just picture Barkley at 3am looking at it giggling. Also love that Kobe refused to call him. Talking on the phone sucks. Way easier to just cuss someone out via text. 

These are the type of things I want to know too. This isn't limited to just Kobe and Chuck. This isn't limited to just an NBA thing either. People across all sports always bitch to/about announcers. I need to know more of these stories.