Philadelphia Inquirer Runs A "Buildings Matter, Too" Headline Aaaaaand 30 Employees Call Out Sick Today

You know how there's a time and a place for certain things? Well unfortunately nobody relayed that over to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Because while, yes, it is highly unfortunate that there was so much destruction and vandalism that took place without any connection to the peaceful protests, this isn't exactly the week that we should be worried about buildings. This is hardly even the year we should be worried about buildings. You've got a pandemic on one hand, millions upon millions of unemployed on the other hand, and then we've mutated a giant third hand that is holding a massive civil rights crisis. Lotta things going on right now and buildings might just need to take a back seat for a moment. 

Not for the Inquirer though. No siree. They had to get right out there and make sure they defended those buildings because clearly violence against buildings is the most pressing matter here. Let's see how that one played over with the rest of the crew. 

HuffPo - A column about police protests and city architecture in Wednesday’s print edition ran with the headline “Buildings Matter, Too” — equating the vandalism of inanimate objects with violence against Black Americans.

Editors issued an apology for the headline, but many of the paper’s infuriated journalists have started a protest of their own.

As of Thursday morning, more than 40 staffers of color had signed onto an open letter to the paper’s leadership about systemic racism ― not just in America, but in journalism. According to one employee, more than 30 of those staffers are declining to work for the day, and another seven are carrying out a “byline strike,” meaning they are working but will refuse to have their names on any stories.

The group includes reporters, editors, social media editors, photographers and designers. Some, but not all, are members of the NewsGuild union.

To think that someone sat down at their keyboard, typed up that headline and thought to themselves that they nailed it and nobody would have any sort of issue with the headline. Like they 100% were already clearing off space on their shelf for the Pulitzer Prize they thought they were going to win for that headline. Probably thought of it while they were taking a quick shit break, popped out of the bathroom, cracked their knuckles and went to town on the keyboard. What an idiot. What a fucking idiot.