Have You Ever Been So Mad At A Drive-Thru Messing Up Your Order That You Just Ripped The Plexiglass Clean Off The Window? A Man At Wendy's Was Mad Enough.

Getting the wrong order at the drive-thru is a tale as old as time. I've gotten orders messed up, you've gotten orders messed up, weird guy Arnold from down the block has gotten order messed, it's inevitable. It's no doubt infuriating but, that being said, I'm a big-time beta when it comes to calling out the staff on messing up my order. They could mess it up to the fullest extent and I'm not even so much as looking their way for a replacement. 

This guy is not like me. He is NOT afraid to voice his displeasures.


VICTORIA -- A man flew into a violent rage at a Vancouver Island Wendy’s after staff forgot to put mustard on his burger, according to police.

Ok. First things first. Put your hand up if you didn't know Wendy's put mustard on burgers.

Now I'm not a massive Wendy's guy but I had zero clue they even put mustard on their burgers. It may be because I'm a slob who exclusively eats baconators - a mustardless sammy - or it could just be that I don't pay attention to something that minuscule. This isn't about me however, this is about a man who holds Wendy's mustard near and dear to his heart. And, quite frankly, he was 

Wendy’s staff members called police after the man exited his car and began striking a Plexiglas barrier that separates the restaurant takeout window.

“The suspect got out of his car and came up to the drive-thru window and began yelling at staff while he smashed the Plexiglas barrier and completely ripped it off the wall,” said Const. Nancy Saggar of the West Shore RCMP.

“Before leaving, the suspect threw the Plexiglas barrier underneath another vehicle in the parking lot,” said Saggar.

It's one thing had this guy just gone up to the window, banged on it, and just yelled for a little bit. Sure, one could argue that he could've easily just got back in line, driven up to the window, and kindly asked for a new one with mustard whilst expressing that he understands it happens all the time but that's too easy

Instead, he merely transformed into the fucking incredible Hulk and just ripped out the entire fucking window. That'll teach em'. Destroying the building is the perfect way to get your sandwich problems fixed. That poor drive-thru worker will certainly never forget to put mustard on a Dave's Single ever again. 

Seriously though what is the drive-thru employee supposed to do in that spot? Are you supposed to just sit there and let this man tear apart your place of work? Abso-fucking-lutely. That's above his paygrade. Is he supposed to risk physical harm over his job at fucking Wendy's? No offense to anyone that may work at a Wendy's but I've lived the minimum wage job life, no one's out there putting themselves on the line for a measly $10.10.

Police haven't been able to find this man yet but one can only imagine that he drove straight to another fast food place that inevitably messed up his order yet again. Per usual.

PS - There's too much margin for error working a minimum wage job at a restaurant. People are far too sensitive about their food, that's why getting a minimum wage job in retail is 1000% the move.