A Stat That Makes No Sense: Ronaldo Is Instagram's Highest Earner And He Makes $17 MILLION MORE From IG Than His Soccer Contract

[Source] - According to a new report from Buzz Bingo, the Portuguese superstar has retained his crown as the social media site's highest earner.  The 35-year-old, who also has the most followers on Instagram at 222m, raked in £41.7m from 43 sponsored posts in the past 12 months.

In comparison, Ronaldo was making £27.3m from his salary at Juventus, before any coronavirus-related pay cuts.

I'm sorry, what? Listen I fully understand how sponsored posts work and how popular Ronaldo is. But the fact he's making $17 MILLION more from Instagram than his soccer contract is fucking ridiculous. He's arguably the best soccer player in the world yet somehow is better at Instagram posts. It's not like there's a salary cap where he's maxed at what he can make in soccer either. 

In just the year 2020 alone he makes $1.17 million per post. He's made $50 million in 2020! The year isn't even halfway over and it's just supplemental income for him. I would have 100% guessed that a Jenner or Kardashian would be in the top spot (the 3 of them are top-10) instead of Ronaldo. Here's the real kick in the dick for a regular joe like you and me, you know Ronaldo doesn't even operate Instagram. Someone on his team posts the sponsored post, he doesn't go on and scroll. He just looks at his bank account and sees an extra milly in there every so often. 

It just makes no sense to me. He gets over a million for a post like this

It's so outrageous. One of the, if not the best soccer player in the world getting paid $17 million more from Instagram while being in a relationship with Georgina. Not a bad life.