Breakfast Recap: KFC vs Large and Clem, New Money Gaz, Epstein Review And Browser History

KFC and Large have been indirectly arguing over the douchebaginess of his birdwatching hobby, so KFC joined the show to settle the score. Clem got in the mix as well: 

You can vote here: 

Gaz took some ricochet shots:

 Clem ranked his favorite girl scout cookies:

Will Compton and Willie keep getting mixed up on twitter:

Epstein doc review: 


We're all worried about Brandon:

And to the surprise of no one, Willie know nothing about internet history or incognito mode: 

Trivia with Jeff D Lowe will be live tomorrow. Large will start with 2 points, Zah with 1, and the rest of us with zero. See you then! 

Today's playlist: