FSU Football Players Will "Not Be Working Out Until Further Notice" After Mike Norvell Lied To Media About His Response To The Events Surrounding George Floyd's Death

When I saw this quote earlier tonight, it sounded great to me. Mike Norvell seemed to handle his response the best way he could by listening to his players. Unfortunately, it turns out that wasn't the case. Like at all. 

That tweet is from Marvin Wilson, one of Florida State's best players who decided to come back this season even though he could've been a high draft pick in April. Not sure what his motivation would be to lie here and due to his status on the team (I'd assume he will be a captain this year), he talks for a majority of the locker room. FSU is currently on campus and allowed to work out together, but according to Wilson that will not be occurring anytime soon. 

Norvell has taken an impressive amount of time to have his first controversy as a head coach at FSU: zero games. He hasn't even coached a spring game! How does he handle this situation? Who knows. If it is true that Marvin Wilson and the rest of the FSU team refuse to show up to team workouts, this could get really bad for Norvell & FSU. 

Wilson & his team may hold out for a long period of time if they feel that's their only option. That would be an absolute nightmare for FSU. They just brought in Norvell and are still paying Willie Taggart. How would you convince your boosters to buy out Norvell and then pay for another new coach? Who would it even be? 

Norvell has to fix this and he has to fix it fast. How he does that? I'm not sure....he's the one who got himself into this mess and he needs to figure out a way to get out of it.