This Mudslide In Norway Dragging Houses Out To Sea Is One Of The Craziest Things I've Ever Seen

With no exaggeration that video above is one of the craziest things I've ever seen. I know people keep saying 2020 is the worst and it's getting repetitive, but did you watch that fucking video? Felt like I was watching the movie 2012 honestly. Equally mesmerizing as horrific.  Imagine sitting in that house as you are being dragged out to see by mud? Nature is one helluva motherfucker and it seems to be saving it's best tricks for right now.  One minute you may have it all going for you in your life as you ponder your success on the toilet and the next you are in the ocean because a mudslide dragged your entire property out to sea. 

Can we also talk about that white house? Who built that thing because he or she very well could be the very best at their job in the whole world. Literally every other building is underwater like the Titanic and that baby is floating sky high with not a care in the world. Nothing can take that sucker down. I don't know how you build something like that but word needs to start spreading fast. 

Digging a little deeper than the Twitter video I thankfully found out that no one was hurt and the dog that was in the house swam to shore safely. What a legend. 

Operations manager in the Finnmark police district, Torfinn Halvari, informs VG that no injuries have been reported, but that a dog taken by the breed was able to swim ashore.

Phew. 2020 is cruel but at least it has some sort of heart apparently. That is until the asteroid hits.