Mike Glennon Catches An All-Time Ricochet Shot From Akiem Hicks

Poor Mike Glennon, man. This dude was just over there minding his own business today. Woke up, had himself a nice bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, did his morning chores, whipped up a PB&J with the crust cut off for lunch, got a head start on his 2020 taxes in the afternoon, decides to treat himself to a little bit of fun time on the ol' social media machine, logs on to Twitter [dot] com and then takes a ricochet shot straight through the heart. 

Literally could have never in a million years seen this one coming. Didn't have time to even consider emotionally preparing himself for that shot. Now granted, the $18.5 million he banked from the Bears after only 4 starts will surely soften the blow a little. But still. That's one of those ones you try to laugh off like you're in on the joke but it ends up making you cry yourself to sleep at night. 

You doing alright over there, Mike?