It's Unreasonable To Ask Drew Brees To Stand Up For His Teammates Given His Complete Lack Of Spine

I don't want or need to live in a world where every single person shares the exact same opinion on every subject at all times. I very much would enjoy living in a world where even the most basic of common sense was a bit more, yanno, common. It should be common sense to everyone at this point that no one has a problem with the flag. In fact the very people who took a knee want that flag to represent everything it's supposed to represent... just for them. Hence the fucking silent protest in the first place. 

Bill Burr put it about as bluntly as one could during his last Netflix special, "Paper Tiger." 

Folks weren't listening to Colin Kaepernick. There was an immediate pushback to the very image of him kneeling during the Anthem that took people until *checks notes* this past weekend to get over. More have been listening since George Floyd was slain in broad daylight, but Drew Brees still doesn't seem to get it. Which is truly unfathomable for someone who has spent the vast majority of their adult life surrounded by black men. The stereotype that it's only the fly over state whites that oppose equality doesn't add up when you take into consideration someone like Brees. The NFL is 70% black. SEVENTY. He's the face of the New Orleans Saints, a city that is 60% black. For Brees to deflect and pull strawmen at this stage of the game is a choice, a piss poor one. Though if anyone has watched the NFL the past few seasons, late-game decision making in Minnesota hasn't exactly been a strong suit for Brees. 

The rest of the sports world, including his own teammates, is extremely fed up.