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Colin Cowherd Reacts To The NBA Coming Back By, You Guessed It, Talking About Marriage

Hahahaaa *Cowherd laugh*

Ohhh classic Cowherd. 

We get fantastic news on Wednesday that the NBA is looking like it will make its triumphant return on July 31st with the playoffs going into October, and Uncle Colin reacts the best way he knows how - by bringing up marriage. 

"I'm a married guy," Cowherd reminds us at the 1:30 mark. "So I have to make choices with sports. I mean, my wife understands, I'm a sportscaster. I have to watch a lot of sports, but I want to remain married so there are times that I have to make choices."

It really is so funny how predictable it is. Every single impression, and I mean every single one, that I do of Cowherd if I don't mention marriage or divorce then without question there will be people in the comments "gotta mention marriage bro". 

So simple to just say "hey if they started in June or early July, they wouldn't have to compete for ratings", but this man has a brand and damn it he's got to stick to it. 

It would be interesting to keep a ticker on how many times a show / week he brings up marriage or divorce and compare it to other daytime TV programs like Dr. Phil or Maury. 

They'd be right about the same if I had to guess estherd.