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I Fundamentally Don't Understand This Chick Who Lets A Giant Spider Crawl In And Out Of Her Mouth


What did I just watch?  If you told me there was a YouTube video involving a chick with green hair and a hat that said “Take Your Panties Off” letting a good-sized spider crawl out of her mouth and onto the side of her face and that the video was set to some weird music, I would’ve called bull shit.  But lo and behold there it is.  Right in front of our faces.  Weird as fuck.  That’s the thing about the internet.  It’s the weirdest place ever.  It’s a place where guys named Spooky Ghost become famous and wield the power to ruin the lives of the most rich and famous among us.  All from the comfort of their secret underground lair in a dark corner of the internet.  Almost anything you can think of is out there and there’s no better proof of that than the video above.  Just completely random.  No rhyme or reason for it to exist other than the internet exists so why the fuck not?  It has over 400,000 views on YouTube so clearly people want to see it.  I’m surprised I even clicked on it to be honest.  Few things are scarier than spiders.  If I see a spider on a wall in my house I just avoid that wall completely.  That’s how I deal with most problems in general.  Avoid them.  But but not this chick.  She sees a spider and is all like “Hop on in my mouth!”.  Fucking disgusting.