WILD Footage Of Looters Stealing Over Fifty Cars (50!) From A Dealership In California

Source - Businesses, apartments, police stations, you name it, have been completely destroyed and/or set ablaze in cities everywhere. Adding insult to injury, people have turned to looting and ravaging businesses, even the small local stores that are already trying to stay afloat due to COVID-19 and the plummeting economy. One particular Dodge dealership located in San Leandro, California, was a recent target of such mayhem. Not only was the dealership heavily damaged, but more than 50 of their high-performance vehicles were stolen and driven right off the lot. That includes almost every single one of their Dodge Challenger Hellcats worth $100,000 apiece.

Fifty cars??? FIFTY?!?! Not since Randall Memphis have so many vehicles been stolen in one night. Someone posted the heist on Instagram and the footage is insane: 

I just can't get over how brazen they were. They were ripping break stands in $100k Challenger Hellcat's without a care in the world. The parking lot literally looked like it was on fire. 

For those of you who don't know what a hellcat can do, watch this video. It's essentially an American Ferrari- 707hp with a top speed of 190mph. Apparently the thieves smashed the windows to the dealership and went right to the master key box and took them all. Wild stuff. No word on wether or not they've arrested the people involved. I'm sure they will considering they're all on camera. Regardless, it's terrible that people are using these protests as an excuse to blatantly break the law. Every one of them needs to be locked up.